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satellite collageSG Microwave Inc. (SGM)
is a pioneer company in high performance Feed Subsystems Technology for Communications Satellite Antennas. State-of-the-art, early risk retirement, customer satisfaction, and reliability are common denominators to all products delivered by SGM, irrespective of whether these are customized or off-the-shelf designs. Since its inception, more than a decade ago, SGM has a track record of unqualified success in all projects throughout its operation. SGM guarantees best performance, price, visibility, reliability, and schedule to its customers.

Advanced know-how is continuously generated at SGM for tomorrow’s needs through focused in-house research and development efforts. Starting with new requirements that demand innovative solutions, delivering a fully developed optimum subsystem under accelerated schedule is a routine at SGM. Every requirement receives a complete solution, utilizing SGM’s in-house cutting-edge know-how, extensive & versatile capability, and a proven quality system, all of which are well co-ordinated to allow:

  • complete performance verification of the integrated system by precision analysis
  • direct fabrication of deliverable QM hardware built and tested to demonstrate compliance to all requirements
  • traceability and documentation in all phases of work captured through SGM’s comprehensive Quality System.

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